#workshop / Meg Stuart & Mark Tompkins / 2021 / 19>23 November


Meg Stuart & Mark Tompkins
One Shot

November 19> 23, 2021
Shedule: 10:00-13:00 and  14:30-17:30

Price: 180€
Inscription: danzalava@gmail.com
Where: Artium Museum, Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain)


Since 2016, Meg and Mark share their passion for improvisation in radically different landscapes and contexts, giving workshops and performances, collecting texts and images to make ONE SHOT, a book about the labyrinth of real-time composition.
An intensive five days improvisation workshop built around three intertwining focuses; listening, practicing, and performing. Through sensorial explorations and extended movement meditations, we observe and study our desires and movement patterns, temporal and spatial choices, and what moves us physically and conceptually. What do we gravitate towards, what do we avoid, what do we let go of or invite? Moving these questions, we explore strategies of transformation, change and surrender, meeting through touch, energetic exchanges, and shared fictions. Building trust and playfully embracing risk and vulnerability, we investigate the borders between knowing and not knowing, abstraction and tension, image, and action.
“Born in the United States, Meg and I have spent most of our adult lives in Europe. Exiled by destiny and by choice, we have both embraced and rejected our original culture. From this estrangement, and because of it, we’ve developed a critical distance to ourselves and to others. Too close, too far, the gaze of the witness. Watching the world in this way is intimately related to our research, transmission, and performances. We share the same desire for transmutation and a profound belief in doubt. Our dialogue is subtle and exciting chemistry, and our agreements and frictions enrich our understanding of composition.”
                                        Mark Tompkins
“My work navigates the tension between dance and theatre, thought and action, remembering, and forgetting. Scripts, written on our bodies, contain unfinished histories of our selves and others.”
                                        Meg Stuart
Meg Stuart
Meg Stuart is an American choreographer, dancer and teacher living in Berlin. She founds her company, Damaged Goods, in 1994 in Brussels. She has created over thirty productions, ranging from solos Hunter (2017) to large-scale choreographies, Celestial Sorrow (2018), and improvisation projects, City Lights, a continuous gathering (2016), as well as video works, installations and site-specific creations, Projecting (Space) (2017). Stuart navigates the tension between dance and theatre and strives to develop a new language for every piece in collaboration with artists from different disciplines. Her work revolves around the idea of an uncertain and vulnerable body. Through improvisation, she explores physical and emotional states or their memories. Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods has a long-term collaboration with Kaaitheater in Brussels and HAU Hebbel am Ufer in Berlin. In 2018, she was honored with the prestigious Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement in dance at the Venice Biennale. www.damagedgoods.be

Mark Tompkins
Mark Tompkins is an American performer, choreographer, singer and teacher living in Paris. He founds his company IDA in 1983. Navigating between dance, theatre, music and performance he fabricates unidentified performance objects. Solos, group pieces, concerts and improvised performances are composed according to a process he calls a dramaturgy of complex images, that solicits the public to create actively their own associations. Since 1988, he collaborates with the stage and costume designer Jean-Louis Badet, and receives the SACD Prize for Choreography for all of his work in 2008. He teaches and practices real time composition, in which the composition occurs in the instant of the act. Fascinated by the frictions and resonances between high and low entertainment, his performances are inspired by popular forms like music-hall, vaudeville, musicals, burlesque, and also gender ambivalence. Since 2015, he sings and dances in Sarah Murcia’s concerts, and collaborates with choreographer Mariana Tengner Barros. In 2018, he creates STAYIN ALIVE à ma mere, a solo about aging, and in 2020 a group piece CELEBRATION. www.idamarktompkins.com



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